Monday, October 19, 2015

Universal S Loom Is More Than Just For Blankets

Universal S Loom

Typically the Universal S Looms are seen as just a blanket loom, but really it is just that... A Universal Loom.  SO
I would like to muse you into some ideas. 

I will start off with my impressions and thoughts before having worked with the universal S loom. 1st before I even recieved the loom I figured it would be absolutely huge, but was surprised when it came in the mail in such a small box for what I thought the size would be. As soon as I saw it, it was perfect, it could fit in my lap and my family still sit around me. Now I did get the smaller size but still perfect sizing.
2nd, I wasn't sure how I would like the flow of the loom when working on it, and found I enjoyed the flow with the curves and liked the fact there are really only 2 difficult pegs to do. Plus on a side note, my liking a loom depends on how it flows for me to do a row. I hate rectangular looms, and there are several pegs of doom. 
3rd, I got the loom for not a blanket but a poncho, my thought was if it can make a blanket it is certainly big enough to make a poncho. This loom worked perfectly. 
Needless to say this loom surprised me, and I was happy for the pleasant surprise. 

Now lets talk about expanding thoughts on patterns and projects on these wonderful looms. Tyically 1 wedge comes with the loom, this allows you to adjust the loom to any pegging choice you need. Great thing is they sell more wedges seperately if you want them, and honestly I am thinking I need to get some more. ;-)
It this looms does blankets what else is out there knitted that is large like a blanket? Sweaters, ponchos, capes, shawls, cowls, and so on, items that are not easily made on hat looms and such. It allows for a variation is sizing. If your not skinny or a family member or friends are skinny hat looms just are going to work for making a sweater, becauase truth is on average you can't be a little fluffy and use those looms even. But the universal loom you can, and make them loose and comfortable as well. 

Also consider this, you can make sets of 2 of things on these looms as well 1 on 1 side and 2 on the other. Booties, fingerless gloves, sleeves, leg warmers, and boot toppers. Make sure you order an extra wedge. With this loom the sky is the limit. 

As for having completed my first project on it, I am very excited to do soo much more on my universal loom. Want to make a sweater now, and another fun poncho with cabeling. Keep an eye on this blog post for more universal patterns to come!!!

Please take a look at these other patterns for the universal S loom. 
Also feel free to comment and send links to more patterns we can post for the universal S loom. 

Sweater Poncho by Scarlett Royale

Inverted Rib Stitch by Amanda Pratt

Visit CinDwood Premium Knitting Looms to get your Universal S Loom. 

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  1. My daughter in law would like me to make an adult size mermaid blanket for their beach house. What would I need as far as accessories for the universal, and would it be big enough? I am fairly new to looming but would love to give this a try. Any thoughts as to where I could find a pattern?