Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter and Holiday Patterns For CinDwood Looms!!!!

It is that time to rev up loom knitting for the winter and holiday season for friends and family!!!! CinDwood's Design Team has a wonderful selection of patterns and ebooks to choose from. From hats and gloves, to scarves and cowls, jackets and sweaters, to snowmen and wreaths. They are here all in one place. Just click on the name to go to the page and get your pattern. I will also be listing what looms were used for these patterns and links to them. So relax we will save you some time searching the internet for patterns.Keep an eye open on this link as more patterns will be added as well.

Starting off going from top to bottom left to right. 

I could just see this done in red and white, or even green and red!!!

 Amanda Pratt Garter Block Hat

 Joanna Brandt Cable Brimmed Slouch

Scarves and Cowls!!!!
Angela Steffens 
Scarlett Royale Bear Hugs Scarf  Blue KK Replacement 24 peg loom   

 Jackets and Sweaters!!!
Ice Jacket 30 and 40 peg 1/2" gauge Loom

Snowmen and Misc Items!!!
Scarlett Royale Amigurumi Snowman 18peg 1/2" gauge 

Joanna Brandt Can Cozy 20peg 5/8" gauge  

Snow Owl Obsession Collection!!!
Scarlett Royale
Scaly Booties 30 peg 1/2" gauge (imagine it in white!!)

More Bang for Your Buck Get some Ebook Collections
Shawn Barrick Little Things Ebook

Renee Van Hoy

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fine Gauge Looms

         In the month of September was when I was working with CinDwood to get a pattern out for Knitted Knockers, we came to the conclusion that I needed to have a fine gauge loom to achieve the pattern we were after. With much luck, CinDwood was able to provide me with a prototype loom that I could create this pattern with.
          After the release of the loom and pattern, there was much interest for the sock loom as well, done in the 3/8" gauge. As well as an interest to have many other looms in fine gauge.
          Soon after getting out many orders the questions started coming in, "What can I make with this loom? What techniques can I use? What yarn can I use? How would I go about making items with these looms?" While many had questions the market for patterns isn't completely empty of information. The only difference with CinDwood fine gauge looms is that they are round looms, and not the typical rectangular looms. While adjusting sizes with these looms isn't as versatile, at least these looms don't have those dreaded pegs of doom, that you have working with the rectangular ones. For me that was a big plus, and the flow was very nice for me to work with.
          With all the questions and new format, it came to me to do a fine gauge book using classic patterns, that are done best with a fine gauge loom, and thinner yarn. Having in the past worked with some classic patterns, it didn't take much to adjust them to these looms. 

          Well this month is the pre sale for the Small Adult Fine Gauge Set in 36peg and 72peg 3/8" gauge and 50peg and 110peg 1/4" gauge looms. The CinDwood designers are hard at work to create patterns this month, for those who have pre ordered, will have a selection of patterns when they receive them next month. Here are a couple ready my Teddy Bear for the 36 peg loom, and Renee Van Hoy Dishcloths!!!!

You can buy the smaller looms like the 56pegs 1/4"gauge and 40pegs 3/8"gauge. Plus also check out Renee Van Hoy's new book "Winter Washcloths" using the fine gauge looms as well. Hey check out these new fine gauge from the other CinDwood Designer Team!!!

We brought in a new designer with the fine gauge looms, JaNae Yagi!!!! She shared with us some wonderful glove patterns. The Alexis Fingerless Mittens, Yultide Fingerless Mittens, Tiara Fingerless Gloves, and Tiara Loom Lace. Also Amanda Prat has introduced some fun winter designs like the Toe Up Striped Socks and Snowflake Warmer Koozie


If you would like to become more educated in techniques with fine gauge looms check out these videos. 
Wow well it has been a few months since the release of those first fine gauge patterns. Lets take a look at the new looms and patterns out for the fine gauge looms 
Above is the 80 peg 3/8" gauge fine gauge loom and 120 peg 1/4" gauge fine gauge loom!!! After taking a look at these patterns that were made with them, you will get addicted!!!
Below are Joanna Brandt's Designs with the looms!!! Diagonal Ear Warmer and Saturnalia Slouch
 Below are my designs using the looms. Universal Rib Stitch Hat, Winter Wreath, and Multi Cabled Toddler Sweater.
 Below are Melissa Bise handbag designs she did with the looms. Tablet Cozie and Hippie Chic Bag.

 Angela Steffen's did quite a few patterns with the looms. Fine Gauge Bulky Cowl, Elegant Diamond Neck Warmer and Beanie, and East Park Reversible.

 Above are Amanda Pratt's wonderful color work designs she did with the looms. Lovely Alpaca Hat and Happy Holiday Ear Warmer.
JaNae Yagi did a fun Yultide Stocking Hat with her loom. 

 So take these patterns and looms, and have some fun and play around. Please feel free to share your results on CinDwood Facebook Page!!!