Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Popping Pegs

I would like to discuss in this post the glue we use and why. For 12 years Cindy has been using Titebond Premium Wood Glue to glue the pegs into the looms.  We try to have enough glue to seal around the peg but not too much so it looks globby.  We dip each peg in glue and then hammer it into the hole.  We can not use gorilla glue, or super glue due to the fact Cindy has sever asthma and is allergic to these glues.  Though wood glue does not melt the plastic the way the other glues do to make them adhere, we have always had success using the wood glue.  With regular use the pegs should stay in place for a good long time, but if your loom gets dropped, wet, superhot, etc.. the bond may break between the glue and the peg and it could come out.  Also if you wiggle the pegs back and forth you will indeed break the bond and they will eventually come out.  
You can easily fix your loom by applying another drop of wood glue,super glue, gorilla glue, or e6000 craft glue and then letting it dry for 24-48 hours.  We try to make a very high quality product. Each peg is hand glued...(NOT BY MACHINE) so at times there may be a few pegs that did not get quite enough glue.  So if a peg pops out feel free to re-glue it with whichever glue you prefer and then keep looming.  We do not profess to have an indestructible product, but we are working hard to try and have them be very sturdy and usable.
We have some customers that prefer to have their looms sent without the pegs glued in so that when they arrive with the empty looms and different color pegs in baggies they can put them in certain peg designs for patterns and either glue them in themselves (with their preference of glue), or just keep them loose so they can change the peg patterns when they want.  If anyone one would prefer their looms sent this way you may request by email or in the notes section of your order.
 If at any time you have a concern about your loom, please contact us by phone or email and we would be happy to assist you.
The CinDWood Crafts Team

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